The latest research and development from NuCèlle is now focused on the little heard of but highly effective Mandelic Acid. Studies are now being conducted on the efficacy of this acid compared to other alpha hydroxy acids. Preliminary studies show Mandelic Acid to be less sensitizing and remarkably effective in alleviating such skin conditions as Melasma and hyperpigmentation. Another noticeable benefit is a smoother, clearer, and less lined complexion.

Mark Taylor, M.D., of Salt Lake City, Utah, first introduced Mandelic Acid to the NuCèlle team in late 1996. Dr. Taylor has been testing and using the Mandelic Marine Complex® formulations since 1995. During the course of his clinical trials, he discovered that he was able to use the Mandelic Acid safely on pigmented skin. He also discovered that it caused less sensitivity, when compared to other alpha hydroxy acids. His research is highlighted in the article, "Summary of Mandelic Acid for the Improvement of Skin Conditions," [Click here to view article] published in Cosmetic Dermatology, June 1999 issue.

During the summer of 1999, NuCèlle commissioned the California Skin Research Institute (CSRI) to conduct an independant study of the Mandelic Marine Complex® formulations used for the treatment of facial pigmentary lesions, acne lesions, and facial lines/wrinkles as a cosmetic skin conditioning regimen. The results of this study revealed a customer satisfaction level of 87.5% "Excellent and Very Good." [Click here for a summary of this study, CSRI #99-016 by Dr. Robert A. Harper, Ph. D.]

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