Usage Guidelines for
NuCèlle Mandelic 10% Serum

NuCèlle Mandelic 10% Serum with Mandelic Marine Complex® is a free acid formation that is not overly buffered or diluted. This is a professional strength serum, which combines a proprietary blend of marine algae essentials to help prevent dryness and soothe the skin.

  • Use sparingly and ease off your routine to an application of serum once a day if you experience any redness.

  • Never apply NuCèlle Mandelic 10% Serum to broken or irritated skin. Always make sure you pat your skin dry and do not rub. Wait several hours before applying NuCèlle Mandelic 10% Serum to any shaved areas.

  • Pace yourself. Move ahead slowly. If your skin becomes dry use the NuCèlle Mandelic 10% Serum only once a day. You can also use your NuCèlle Mandelic Anti-Oxidant Treatment for extra moisturizing until your skin adjusts.

  • DO NOT sporadically start and stop the program. Many benefits are seen in the first few weeks, but even more significant changes are seen after several months of use.

  • Do not reverse your efforts and good results because of the sun. Always remember to use your NuCèlle Anti-Aging SPF 17 with PARSOL® 1789 with Mandelic Marine Complex®.